Grey Iron Foundry, Jabalpur is a production organization, the Authority /responsibility of making design & specification of products and inspection of end store is with other agencies. Till 31st March 2005, the authority for inspection of input materials, the products required by Services (Army, Navy, Air Force) and other defence departments, was with Director General of Quality Assurance.


Financial powers are resting with the Group-A Gazetted Officers only. Compilation on financial powers published from OFB, Kolkata is available. Similar compilation on administrative powers, published by OFB, is also available.


            In a factory, Senior General Manager/ General Manager is the administrative head. The affairs of the factory are regulated as provided in various Acts viz, The Factories Act, Payment of Wages Act, Industrial Dispute Act, Workmen Compensation Act, Pollution Control Act etc. A Local Accounts Office is attached with every factory to advise Senior General Manager/ General Manager on financial aspects.


            In the factories, besides Senior General Manager/ General Manager, there are other Group-A Officers of the rank of Addl. General Manager, Joint General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Works Manager and Asst. Works Manager. Below them are Group-B Officers and Group-C Staff. Employees directly engaged in production activities are called Direct Workers. Indirect Workers provide support activities like maintenance of buildings and plant & machineries, quality assurance etc